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* = The coins are all official original issues from the countries themselves, it is only our packaging which is unofficial.

2002 Euro Unofficial* Coin Sets

Our Own Euro Coin Set Packaging

The Eurozone Started Using The Euro on January 1st 2002:
On new year's day 2002, all 12 members of the Eurozone started using Euro notes and Euro coins for cash transactions. None of the old, legacy coins or notes are now still in circulation. We have uncirculated type sets sets of Euro coins from each of the twelve member countries available in stock now for immediate delivery, please see our Euro Type Sets page. If you particularly want sets of all 12 main states dated 2002, our prices and availability is shown below. Please refer to the Later* notes below the main table.

Countries & Designs:
Each country is free to use their own designs on the obverse of each coin, providing it meets certain criteria. Different countries have obviously taken different views about this. Most countries have produced three different designs, one each for the bi-coloured, silver coloured, and copper coloured coins. Some countries have produced better or more imaginative designs than others. Austria Greece and Italy have done a great job, and produced eight different designs, one for each coin value. Finland, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain have each used three different designs; of these we like the French best, and Finland have produced different designs for the two higher valued coins, but the six remaining coins all share the same design. Luxembourg also produced three different designs, but these are all similar except for the placement of the word "L�tzebuerg". The Netherlands has only used two designs, while Belgium and Ireland rather disappointingly have used just one design for all eight coins. Whether this is to avoid confusing the natives, we do not know!

Three Different Types of Set:
The sets listed for sale below are our own "unofficial" sets. In addition, all the states have announced the issue of official sets, either uncirculated, proof or both. We still have not received final details from all countries yet, but will keep updating this page as we receive further news. For the three minor principalities of Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City, we have not been able to arrange for a supply of coins to make up our own sets. Please see our official sets page.

Packaging & Presentation:
We can offer uncirculated euro coin sets as follows. We have uncirculated mint sets of coins from all 12 Euro zone countries in stock. For 7 countries we can supply all 2002 dated sets from stock, for the other 5 countries, we can offer mixed date sets from stock, and accept orders for all 2002 dated sets for delivery if and when availalbe. Please note that some of these 5 countries may never issue all denominations dated 2002 or other dates. If you wish to get delivery reasonably soon, it is best to order type sets.
The sets are packaged in our own presentation packaging for collectors as shown. The card insert fits into a 2-part plastic case so that the coins can be viewed from both sides. It is easy to remove the insert from the outer case, if you should prefer to remove the coins. We also have information about official issue mint or proof sets . All the countries will issue these uncirculated sets, but only a few will issue proof sets.

Availability & Prices:
We can offer our unofficial euro sets at the following prices. Buy 11 sets, get 12th for only 50 pence or 50�.

Description Availability Price � Price $ Price �
Austria Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
Belgium Later* �11.95 $17.95 �19.95
Finland Later* �11.95 $17.95 �19.95
France Later* �11.95 $17.95 �19.95
Germany Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
Greece Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
Ireland Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
Italy Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
Luxemburg Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
Monaco No N/A N/A N/A
Netherlands Now �11.95 $17.95 �19.95
Portugal Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
San Marino No N/A N/A N/A
Spain Later* �11.95 $17.95 �19.95
Vatican No N/A N/A N/A
All 12 Sets Later* �119.95 $179.95 �217.95
Generic Set - Country of our Choice Now �9.95 $14.95 �16.50

* Later:
Where the availability is shown as "Later*", we do not have any firm delivery date, it may be the end of 2002 or later. It is even possible that some of the countries will not issue all denominations dated 2002. We will update the status of each country on this page. With some hesitation we will still accept orders for our all-2002 dated sets, but please do not telephone us monthly to ask for an update. You may prefer instead to order official sets which are more expensive, and are still subject to indefinite delays and some uncertainty.

Other Minor States:
Monaco, Vatican and San Marino are issuing official Euro coin sets in 2002, please see each countries page for details. We are unlikely to be able to offer our own unofficial sets from these states, as we have been unable to get supplies of new loose coins from any of them, if any. Please watch this page for further details.

Other Dates:
Some states are issuing official sets dated before 2002, and we are offering these as they become available.
Belgium, Finland, France, Netherlands and Spain have all announced mint sets dated 1999, 2000 and 2001, although unfortunately the French sets have already sold out. Please see the individual countries pages for details of availability and price of each.

Postage & Packing, Per Shipment:
  • UK: At buyer's Risk �3.50 or
    Fully Insured �9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
  • USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
    Fully Insured (Usually via Fedex or Datapost) $40
    For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.
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