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* = The coins are all official original issues from the countries themselves, it is only our packaging which is unofficial.

German - Euro Coin Sets

Germany Started Using The Euro on January 1st 2002:

German 2002 Euro Coin Mint Set
Covers of Official German 2002 Euro Coin Mint Set
German 2002 Euro Coin Mint Set - Other Side

In Stock Now!
On new year's day 2002, Germany, like the other 11 members of the Eurozone, started using Euro notes and Euro coins for cash transactions. Within a few months, the old coins and banknotes in Marks have been withdrawn. We have uncirculated sets from each of the twelve countries in stock now for immediate delivery.

Packaging & Presentation:
We have uncirculated mint sets of coins from all 12 Euro zone countries in stock now for immediate delivery.. Our German Euro sets are packaged in an attractive card within a 2-sided plastic case so that the coins can be viewed from both sides or removed if required. We have information about official issue mint or proof sets. All of the countries will issue uncirculated sets, but many will not issue proof sets.

German 2002 Euro Coin Set
in Our Own Packaging

2002 German Euro Coin Set:
Reverse side Front side Description
2 Euro:
The traditional symbol of German sovereignty, the eagle, surrounded by the stars of Europe, appears on these coins. This motif was designed by Heinz and Sneschana Russewa-Hoyer. None of the German Euros carry the words Germany or Deutschland.
1 Euro:
As for the 2 Euro except for their size and colour.
50 Euro Cents:
The Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of the division of Germany and its subsequent unification, is the motif used on these coins. The perspective of the design, by Reinhard Heinsdorff, emphasises the opening of the gate, stressing the unification of Germany and Europe.
20 Euro Cents:
As for the 50 Cents except for the 7 indents or scallops on the edge.
10 Euro Cents:
The obverse designs of the German 50, 20 and 10 Euro are identical apart from their size and the indents on the 20 cent.
5 Euro Cents:
The oak twig, reminiscent of that found on the current German pfennig coins provides the motif for these coins. It was designed by Professor Rolf Lederbogen.
2 Euro Cents:
The obverse designs of the German 5, 2 and 1 Euro are identical apart from their size.
1 Euro Cent:
The obverse designs of the German 5, 2 and 1 Euro are identical apart from their size.

Availability & Prices:
We can offer German euro sets at the following prices.

Date Description Status Availability* Price � Price $ Price �
2002 Unofficial Uncirculated Sold Out Sold Out �9.95 $14.95 �16.50
2002 A Official Uncirculated In Stock Now �16.50 $22.50 �24.50
2002 D Official Uncirculated In Stock Now �16.50 $22.50 �24.50
2002 F Official Uncirculated In Stock Now �16.50 $22.50 �24.50
2002 G Official Uncirculated In Stock Now �16.50 $22.50 �24.50
2002 J Official Uncirculated In Stock Now �16.50 $22.50 �24.50
2004 Official Uncirculated In Stock Now �16.50 $22.50 �24.50

A = Berlin Mint
D = Munich Mint
F = Karlsruhe Mint
G = Stuttgart Mint
J = Hamburg Mint
Availability* = Dates shown in this column are the most recent release dates advised to us by the mints or their distributors. If the date shown pre-dates the current date, this does not mean the item is in stock. Where items are in stock they are clearly marked as "In Stock", "Now" or both.

TBA = To Be In Stock. To reserve future issues, please see our Euro Set Reservations page

No* = Will not be issued.

Although retailers have promised to accept the old legacy currency the Deutsche Mark for two months until the end of February 2002, the Mark actually ceased to be legal tender at midnight on 31st December 2001, the only legacy currency to do so. It is still exchangeable at banks, legal tender only means that a seller or creditor is obliged to accept payment.

Postage & Packing, Per Shipment:
  • UK: At buyer's Risk �3.50 or
    Fully Insured �9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
  • USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
    Fully Insured (Usually via Fedex or Datapost) $40
    For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.
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