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* = The coins are all official original issues from the countries themselves, it is only our packaging which is unofficial.

How to Identify Euro Coins

Photographs of Euro Coins
Many people in the Eurozone tell us that they cannot tell which country every euro coin comes from. Some are easy to tell, others are not. Because there are 12 members, plus 3 minor states. and 8 different coin denomination or values, that makes 120 different coins.
Of course, it is not necessary to be able to tell the country of origin because all euro coins are valid everywhere within the eurozone, it can be fascinating to be able to differentiate. Most people will know their own national designs, but not necessarily those from all the other states. For those outside the zone, it must be even more difficult.
To make it easy to tell each coin, we have provided the following pages.

Common Reverse Designs
Every euro coin carries a common European face. Our Euro Coin Images & Specifications page has 2 images of each of the 8 denominations, one at a large size, and one shown at proportionate size.

National Sides
The obverse sides of each coin bears a different national design for each member state. Some states have only one single design on all their coins, others have a different design on each of the eight different coins, while some states have between two and five different designs.
Although you could look at out page for each state in turn, we realise it would be easier for you to see pictures of each denomination from all 15 states on one single page. We have provided this for you, we hope it helps. If so please tell your friends about this site, or better still, put a link to our site on your own website.

Images of Each Euro Coin Value
The following pages each show images of a single denomination (value) of euro coin from all 15 different euro-issuing states.

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