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Swedish Euro Coins?

Swedish 2 Euro Pattern Coin
Swedish Euro Pattern Coins
Images of Actual Pre-Production Coins

Images of pre-production Swedish euro pattern coin samples.
Swedish 5 Cent Pattern Coin
Front Cover of Swedish Euro Pattern Set
Swedish Euro Pattern Coin Sets

Swedish 8 coin euro pattern set in folder.
Swedish Euro Pattern Coins in Folder
Reverse of Swedish 5 Euro Pattern Coin
Reverse of Swedish 5 Euro Pattern Coin

Reverse of Swedish 1 Euro Pattern Coin
Reverse of Swedish 1 Euro Pattern Coin
Swedish Euro Pattern Coins
Fantasy Only - Yet!

Sweden & The Euro
We believe that Sweden will eventually join the Euro, along with about a dozen other countries. It is not known whether any official plans have been made to produce pattern designs for a set of Swedish euro coins. It is likely that if any designs have already been considered, they will have been kept top secret for political reasons. Sweden will hold a referendum on Euro entry on 14 September 2003. Meanwhile a privately produced pattern set has been produced.

Unofficial Patterns
On a number of previous occasions, especially before major coinage changes, pattern coins have been produced as a design exercise or to test public opinion. Many of these have been privately produced. A privately produced pattern set of British euro coins has already been produced, and met with intense demand, despite almost negligible marketing. Original priced at around �40, these have changed hands for over �250 on e-bay.
We received a pre-production sample set of eight coins in folder in May, and show images above of this set.
Deliveries started in late May, after the usual production delays, and we expect to be able to fill all existing orders very soon, subject to any production problems. Over half our existing orders have been shipped out during the first week of July.

Availability & Prices:
Swedish euro sets
We are now accepting advance orders as follows:-
Date Description Status Issue Limit Availability Price � Price $ Price �
2002 8 Coin Uncirculated "Mint" Set Privately Issued Prototypes 22,000 July �19.95 $28 €32
2002 9 Coin Proof Set Privately Issued Prototypes 20,000 July �34.95 $49 €56
2002 9 Coin Silver Proof Set Privately Issued Prototypes 4,000 July �85 $120 €136
2002 Silver Piedfort �5 Privately Issued Prototypes 2,500 July �35 $49 €56

Details of Certificate - English

Details der Bescheinigung - Deutsche

Detalles del Certificado - Espagnol

Certificate - Nederland

Postage & Packing, Per Shipment:

  • UK: At buyer's Risk �3.50 or
    Fully Insured �9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
  • USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
    Fully Insured (Usually via Fedex or Datapost) $40
    For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page.
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